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Marketing Tips-Defining Your Audience

When it comes to marketing a specific product or service, defining your audience is probably the most logical first step in the process.

Your USP or unique selling proposition is where you get started with that. What is your unique product, service or business and how can it benefit someone? What type of person will it best appeal to and how will they use it?

The answers to those questions will help you to define your audience better and give you a good look at who you need to target. That, in turn will give you a better grasp on… Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing Tips

Are you a small business owner? Do you think your company needs a bit more “oomph”? As long as you are open to ideas and possibilities, you can market your business with economical means. Marketing is very expensive, but you know you have to reach out to the consumers out there. It is not an area you should dismiss because you can’t afford it. Below are some unique, simple, and low-cost methods in building up your small business:

Here are some possible Guerrilla Marketing Tips

  1. Try to ask for e-mail addresses whenever you get the chance and send out newsletters… Continue reading

Panda Update Rolled Out.

Recently, without a great deal of noise or a fanfare of  announcements, Google quietly updated Panda to the 4.1 version. Everyone knew something was happening based on the flux and the site changes, but the announcement wasn’t there so we guessed for a day or two until it became a little clearer.

The Panda update appears to be a filter — designed to help Google to penalize websites that provide thin, short or poorly written content and to prevent them from ranking highly in search.

Google says that it’s going to allow smaller sites that are well written and… Continue reading

Stop Marketing for a Minute and Listen

Marketing – Where The Customer Comes First

If you’re a marketer or you know one you know the mentality. EVERYTHING becomes an opportunity to market. I see it all the time, even sometimes in people with whom I work. Sometimes in myself. It is absolutely a sore subject to your customers and friends that everything becomes a means to increase your own bottom line.

Stop marketing for a minute and LISTEN to what your customers are saying to you. When you live and breath marketing, sometimes you need to stop and take a breath and empathize with customer concerns and… Continue reading

Ethical SEO

I mentioned not too long ago what my definition of ethical SEO, and particularly ethics in online business. Apparently there are those who disagree.

Ethics is defined as a set of moral principles– a line that we won’t cross whether it’s for making money or damaging the competition or our own personal life.

Defining ethics doesn’t seem all that difficult. Creating an environment online whereby those ethics are a part of what we do and how to operate our business seems to be much more difficult. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that more than fifty percent… Continue reading