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Favorite Websites of 2014

2014 was an interesting year for websites. So many things that were anathema a bare year before became “unique, innovative and wanted” for our own sites . A perfect example of this is the Parallax scrolling. It was much vaunted and then much maligned. Slammed for making the users of the iPhone 7 nauseated, it became one of the top design trends of the year. So many new trends, new colors, new texts,  and interesting new designs appeared to capture our imagination that it was difficult to examine them all.

More brands than ever before invested in vast amounts… Continue reading

Facebook Changes Make It More Difficult for Businesses

On the 14th of Nov. 2014, Facebook announced that it will be making changes to the way its algorithm is to evaluate the content of business Pages. Starting in January 2015, Facebook intends to reduce the amount of promotional content that people will see in their News Feeds.

Apparently, according to a survey they did with hundreds of thousands of people, certain types of content “feels too promotional”. Included are:

  • posts that are solely for encouraging people to install an app or buy a product,
  • posts that have no real content but push users to enter competitive promotions or sweepstakes,… Continue reading

The Security Risks of the Connected Home

Home Security Risks

Through the use of our smart phones, TV’s, computers, mobile devices, home appliances, lighting and music systems, more and more of our homes are linking all of this equipment to produce the “connected home”.

All this connection poses significant security threats because of software vulnerability and the lack of even basic security measures like encryption of the link to the Internet and administrator passwords that are strong and complex.

How Secure is Your Connected Home?

By conducting a security check of his own home, David Jacoby, a security analyst for Kaspersky Lab, found that many of the… Continue reading

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media – Marketing – Facebook – Demographics

Social Media has the potential for building brand awareness and engaging with customers in ways that are unsurpassed by any other media in use today.

It is no longer just for friends and family. Today businesses are finding that social media is a powerful tool for growth. Once not taken very seriously, social media should now be an integral part of every business’s online strategy.

You can’t ignore social media if you want your business to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Increasing Market Penetration Through Social Media Marketing

As of March 2014,… Continue reading

Google Shopping Bans Weapon Ads

In a strange but true happenstance, Google has banned guns and gun parts, as well as knives and other items from Google Shopping, the now for-pay advertising method. It’s their advertising, however it appears to be causing some consternation among shoppers since, when you search it in, it goes to Google shopping who then tells you that you can’t find it there. Interesting chain of events.  See the Search Engine Land article here.

All of this would be a lot less noteworthy were it not for the things that you CAN buy. Google tells us in their short… Continue reading