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Does Keyword Density Matter?

One of the things we repeatedly hear from clients is “you’re only using one percent keywords!” “I only see my keyword phrase in there 5 times in 500 words, I just can’t accept this keyword density, it’s far too low.”

The result is that we try to explain, we give them the proximity explanation about where the keywords are mattering more than how many times–when it fails, as it invariably does, we go back and insert their keywords in a way that we hope will fit (they are after all paying for it and if they don’t want to listen,… Continue reading

SEO and Marketing – Who do You Trust?

The search engines can be a very powerful method of getting you the traffic that you need for your website. It’s a given that you need some kind of SEO working for your website. Without it you’re going to be lost in the shuffle of the literally millions of other sites that are ahead of you and behind you, pulling traffic from the search engines. The problem is that getting the right kind of SEO and a good quality team isn’t always an easy task.

Not too long ago, Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land did a very nice… Continue reading

What’s the Optimal Keyword Density for your Content?

Keyword Density – What is Optimal

Back in the heyday of content creation, seo and spamming the search engines, the idea came to pass that there was an absolutely perfect method of getting your articles to rise in search. Many people, and some SEOs among them, believed that there was a precise percentage of keywords in an article that could see your site rise to page one more rapidly. That myth has never completely died and in fact you’ll see new marketers or book-based SEOs tell you all the time that you need a given percentage or a precise placement… Continue reading

Social Media Build Brands–and More

Increased Branding Through Social Media

Think social media is just for branding your business? While it does that in a great way and can offer a lot to your visibility online, today, social media is being used for a great deal more than just business branding.

When manufacturers are trying to find out what’s happening in the wake of any disaster, natural or man-made, social media can be the connective tissue that keeps them moving forward with some measure of knowledge. Everbridge, a California software company that makes emergency incident software also touts the use of social media. Jaime Ellertson,… Continue reading

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media – Marketing – Facebook – Demographics

Social Media has the potential for building brand awareness and engaging with customers in ways that are unsurpassed by any other media in use today.

It is no longer just for friends and family. Today businesses are finding that social media is a powerful tool for growth. Once not taken very seriously, social media should now be an integral part of every business’s online strategy.

You can’t ignore social media if you want your business to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Increasing Market Penetration Through Social Media Marketing

As of March 2014,… Continue reading

Why Good Content Is An Important Part Of Your Website

Technology is a wonderful thing.

The internet has placed a world of information at our fingertips and changed the face of advertising forever. In the case of advertising however, there are some downfalls to the ways that we can use this technology.

We have the means to fast forward past television ads, block internet ads, and skip over video ads, making the task of getting the word out about your product or service more difficult than ever.

Because of this, if you want to reach potential customers or clients it is imperative to provide well written, informative, and interesting content… Continue reading

Marketing Your Products

Marketing Your Products Well – Is Your Content Up To It?

One of the most vital parts of your online marketing is content writing. Sadly, creating content is sometimes the last place that we put the marketing funds. In the digital world,that next website, the next page of good information for the customer is only one click away. Website copy writing is one of the most important tasks we will accomplish for our marketing, but it is the one that we neglect or to which we assign the least amount of funding.

Website content writing services are notoriously costly. They… Continue reading

Stop Marketing for a Minute and Listen

Marketing – Where The Customer Comes First

If you’re a marketer or you know one you know the mentality. EVERYTHING becomes an opportunity to market. I see it all the time, even sometimes in people with whom I work. Sometimes in myself. It is absolutely a sore subject to your customers and friends that everything becomes a means to increase your own bottom line.

Stop marketing for a minute and LISTEN to what your customers are saying to you. When you live and breath marketing, sometimes you need to stop and take a breath and empathize with customer concerns and… Continue reading

Ethical SEO

I mentioned not too long ago what my definition of ethical SEO, and particularly ethics in online business. Apparently there are those who disagree.

Ethics is defined as a set of moral principles– a line that we won’t cross whether it’s for making money or damaging the competition or our own personal life.

Defining ethics doesn’t seem all that difficult. Creating an environment online whereby those ethics are a part of what we do and how to operate our business seems to be much more difficult. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that more than fifty percent… Continue reading

Content Marketing in a Panda 4.0 Environment

content marketingThe Common Sense Behind Content

At the end of May last year, the SEO world was literally abuzz with the news that Google had launched a new iteration of their much vaunted Panda.

Google tweeted it and the world was listening–and repeating and reposting–each with their own version of what Panda 4.0 meant to all of us.

Just as every past algorithmic change and every Google heartbeat has done up until now, Panda 4.0 has engendered a broad range of self-proclaimed experts telling us the differences in the search engine optimization arena and the corresponding changes that should take place… Continue reading