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Exact Match Domains-I Can’t use That–or Can I?

There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not exact match domains are viable for use.  Customers come to us all the time asking to change their domain or move their content to another domain. They believe that the issue is with the domain name and that it’s the reason for the penalty. In fact, that is probably not the case at all and moving your content as it stands to another domain is probably not the answer.

The key phrases you’ll hear from  some SEOs and SEMs is that “Google has stated that exact match domains… Continue reading

Is SEO Really Dead?

SEOWe’re all hearing that SEO, or search engine optimization is dead. The reality is that it isn’t dead, but much like any other job, task, or component of technology, has undergone a real metamorphosis. There is nothing that has remained the same in the technology field over the course of the last few years. For some reason, people expect that Google and other search engines need not update, need not change their methodology or their algorithms.

Consider your own computer. Are you using the same technology, the same amount of ram that you were using even two years ago? How… Continue reading

Holistic SEO What it Is and Why it Matters

Most people see SEO, or Search Engine optimization, as a way to get search traffic. The fact is that search traffic is important, but it is not the overall goal. The  traffic that you’re looking for is going to be used to help you to gain higher sales and a higher bottom line.

Any SEO agency can give you traffic. The question is, once they get to your site, is your traffic going to convert to sales? The answer is in your website.

SEO & marketing can take the form of building high quality links by interaction and building… Continue reading

Business Ethics-How Does Your Business Fare

Business Ethics – Are You Completely Honest?

Ethics is defined as a  set of moral principles — a line that we won’t cross whether it’s for making money or damaging the competition or our own personal life.

Defining ethics doesn’t seem all that difficult. Creating an environment online whereby those business ethics are a part of what we do and how to operate our business seems to be much more difficult. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that more than fifty percent of the online business that we use today are practicing questionable ethics and chalking… Continue reading

Securing Wireless Networks

One of my consulting clients had an issue today that we were asked to solve. Because it is a very common issue–in fact more common than you might think, I wanted to address it.

Today the vast majority of Americans are using wireless networks with which to connect to the internet. Sadly, many are not aware that there are others making use of their wireless network.  As regards your wireless network,  it may not be something that you consider, but if you’re not securing wireless networks you are permitting others to take advantage of what you’re paying for.… Continue reading

Sustainable Internet – Government Intervention Not Necessary

Sustainable Internet – Possible Government Interference

sustainable internetFrom a new study having to do with a sustainable internet, commissioned by the ISOC, comes the response: “Challenges in the past followed the increase in demand from the first commercial web browsers, and the widespread take-up of Internet video. Today, concerns about the sustainability of the Internet in developed countries have arisen from the increased availability of mobile broadband services,” commented Michael Kende, Analysys Mason partner and lead author on the study. “What our report shows is that the Internet continually meets the challenges raised by new sources of demand for services, and… Continue reading

Getting Website Traffic-Exploring Various Methods

by Robbi Drake

If you have a website, of course your main goal is to increase that traffic which is flowing through it. Increased traffic plus good quality content, plus good products or services equals a higher monthly income for you or your business. In order to get more traffic to your website and to increase your income, what are your best options?

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to invest in PPC or pay-per-click.  These ads are usually found on the right side of the web page, with the search engine results.  Before… Continue reading

Fake Facebook Likes are No Longer an Option.

by Robbi Drake
Have you been one of those companies using some social media help from a group that lets you buy “likes”, retweets and Pinterest pins? If you’re not doing well in the social media department, but you want things to look like you’re a little more liked than you really are, you’ve probably been doing business with a “social buzz” generator, and we all know who and where they are.

It may have seemed like the ideal solution, but according to Barry Sullivan, Facebook has decided that they don’t “Like” your fake likes. Even Twitter was abuzz–or should… Continue reading