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Jump Start My Site Service

 Jump Start My Site


How’s Business?

Is your marketing working for you or are you able to add marketing to your website efforts? In some cases the answer to that question is no.

Many smaller companies don’t have the power and the funding to pay an SEO company or a larger Philadelphia marketing company to promote their website. Those companies still deserve to succeed.

Meridian Media knows that not every company is a large company and not every customer can afford long term SEO or marketing services.

Brand new sites and services, new brick and mortar stores need the same care and consideration that larger companies need and they need it in a cost effective way.

We believe in small business and enterprise and we believe that you deserve the benefits that a larger marketing group can bring you. Local small businesses deserve quality care and the best chance to succeed in their marketplace.

New start-ups are our specialty and have we got a deal for you.

How Can I Jump Start My Site?

Good question.. and we’ve got a great answer.

Meridian Media Marketing offers you a one-time, no contract, on page seo service to help you to jump start your new website.

Our team of professionals will move onto your site like gangbusters, adding the right metas, seeking out missing components such as the sitemap or an improperly configured robots.txt. We’ll have professional writers scan your text and insert appropriate keywords in places that are proximal to the beginning of the H tags or to the beginning of the metas or sentences.

Once we’ve done that,we’ll review the navigation and make necessary changes (with your interaction of course) add plugins to help you with compression and speed for your site and leave it looking and feeling better and more user friendly for your customers.

In most cases the sites for which we have accomplished the Jump Start service have risen fairly dramatically within 48 hours. Come and see what Meridian Media can do for you. The Jump Start package is available for $79.00 USD for sites with a page count of under ten pages.

Email Meridian for a quote  or inquire about a price for your larger site jump start service. In Philly or outside Philly, it really doesn’t matter. We work anywhere.