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How and Why to Optimize Your Press Release

With the vast number of choices SEO and PR professionals have for content, press releases are among the most popular for keyword optimization. Press releases provide your target audience with valuable information about newsworthy topics of your company. This could be for a new product launch, a company hosted event, executive staff changes or a general news release.

Press releases that are optimized are easier for people to find and get more PR than those that are not. The number one rule for creating a press release that people find valuable is to create one that is about one topic only. Many companies try to give their audience a “monthly update” about all that has happened in the previous month, which can often times be multiple things. This is most likely more information than your audience was looking for and is usually hard to keyword optimize.

Before creating your press release, research multiple keywords that are relevant to your topic. Then choose one or two that would provide the best ranking and reach the most people. Use these keywords about three or four times per page throughout your press release to increase optimization and your chances of it being read.

Because search engines rely so heavily on page titles for optimization, your headline is very important. Your headline should be between 2 and 22 words long and sum up the most important pieces of content in the rest of your press release.

Throughout your press release, use valuable links that increase the reader’s experience. By adding relevant links, you’ll gain traffic that truly is interested in your company enough to continue reading on your website.

Because most online readers skim read, your press release should include some text formatting such as bold, italic, underlined, etc. This breaks up the content a bit, makes it easier to read and can make the most important pieces stand out to anyone skim reading. Words that have been specially formatted should provide your audience with a quick summary of what your press release is about.

Another way to make your press release’s readability easier is to add images. Like text formatting, images break up the content and give your audience some beneficial visuals. Before adding the images, however, make sure they’re image optimized by adding a relevant image file name or alt tags. Also be sure to add an image of your company’s logo to create some brand recognition.

Press releases are a great way to inform your audience of any newsworthy topics your company may be experiencing, are an excellent form of PR and when used by companies with the right optimization can be helpful in their overall ranking.

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