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Social Media Management

Social Media Management iconsSocial Media Management is more important than ever

Traffic is Money and Social Media produces Traffic.

Social media management is important to your business. In the online climate of today, that’s the understatement of the year!

We’ve all seen what happens during global news events – the world moves by social media.

Many businesses have also found that one of the best ways to build traffic, get their brands noticed and move forward is to establish and maintain a consistent social media campaign.

Social media management is time consuming.

We’re hearing (and some of us are hating) the buzz words “social signals”, yet they are part of branding ourselves successfully online. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many other types of social media are being used for building links, ranking and especially for increasing the bottom line.

We need to harness the power of social media in all of its many incarnations.

The problem is who has time to manage multiple social media pages or to ensure that each is updated daily/weekly in order to give yourself the best chance of creating a useful number of followers?

Outsourcing is the right answer, but only if you outsource to the right company.

Meridian Media Marketing can build and manage your custom social media pages and social media campaign.

Spend the time you currently use on learning about and managing social media on building your business – do what you know best and let us handle the social media management campaigns for driving traffic to your website/s.

We offer to build and do the followup management on Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Your Facebook page is created, then updated on a daily basis with short, fresh content posts relevant to your company.
  • Account management for Twitter and Pinterest pages is also available.

We truly enjoy the challenge of bringing greater interest and notice to our clients’ products and services.

Facebook iconThe daily updates to your Facebook page will be around 75 – 100 words of fresh, descriptive and grammatically correct content. These posts will reflect your business and products and offer your customers a quality experience that will get more “likes” and more responses, namely the kind of social media results you’ve been wanting.

In addition, Meridian Media Marketing will actively seek out new followers for your Facebook pages by encouraging people from outside your page to come and “like” you. Our services are done manually so your results will always look and BE natural.

Twitter iconWe will manage your Twitter account and provide 3-5 tweets per day. In addition, we’ll actively seek out new followers by reviewing those who are a part of your niche and engaging them in conversation thereby offering natural re-tweets and followers to your pages.

It won’t be long before your Twitter account will show a rise in followers and in those following your Twitter posts back to your website, all the while helping to increase page traffic and consequently the figures on your bottom line.

Interested in video marketing on Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and other social media pages?

Meridian’s social media management expertise includes people who have more than ten years experience in dealing with social media marketing. They know their stuff!

Social media activity is one of the factors considered in the overall page rank of websites and it should factor into where you want your website to appear in online searches. We can offer a monthly social media management package including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and any other social media you may currently be using, that will improve your online visibility and your business overall.

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