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Your Marketing Should be a Team Effort

In an ever-changing online environment, an effective marketing strategy has to include multiple facets, multiple traffic methods, and most of all,  it has to include you.

The Meridian strategy is to review the business that you’re in and the way in which you conduct it. We work with you, advising, asking questions and learning until we know your business nearly as well as you do.

We evaluate every site individually and add to the mixture the unique needs that every client has. We help you to create the onlinevisibility and the interaction that will give you the kind of online presence that you need to succeed.

You know your business better than we do. Partnering in your own marketing is the best method for you to achieve optimal success in marketing and SEO. Philadelphia to San Francisco, marketing and seo require planning, assessment and evaluation to determine the best methods of providing for your success.

I have to say, Robbi and the team have turned my online business around, from one I was propping up for almost 5 years with my personal finances and was ready to give up on, to one that is standing on its own two feet.
Ian Maclean-The Science Guy
Presenter, Writer & Astronomer.

Marketing – Knowing Your Competition

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Your business offers great products, gives great customer service,provides excellent support, has great staff and probably owns a solid website.

Why are your sales not reflecting these assets?

The fact is that today, if you’re in business, you need to know not just your own business, but your competition. What they are doing, when they are doing it and how it’s done.

No one can offer you the kind of information about your competition and their marketing like Meridian. We analyze your competition thoroughly to find the marketing methods being used by your competitors and compare them to your own, offering you a marketing plan that can meet or exceed your major competitors.

Marketing – Solid Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is the hottest way to drive
targeted traffic to your website. Maximizing the benefits of a well
optimized website will yield  great dividends for the businesses
Philadelphia.  SEO can help you to provide for visibility and drives
targeted traffic to the products and services that you’re offering.

Finding a good SEO who is cost effective and not cost prohibitive is difficult at best. Quality Philadelphia marketing can provide branding, a higher ranking in the serps and more traffic to your site.

Raise your traffic and raise your bottom line with effective and ethical
SEO and social media strategies that bring your site to the forefront.

Even Forbes says that SEO is not lacking in  importance today.

From social media to mobile technology to the optimal navigation on
your website – if it needs a tweak Meridian Media will find it and fix it, to help you
to gain the online visibility and the targeted traffic you want when you are marketing your Philadelphia business.

Articles & Press Releases

If You Build it, They will Come.

That’s a tired old marketing theory and it’s one that we all know to be utterly and absolutely incorrect don’t we? If you build it, and you market it, and you write content for it, and you SEO it.. then, they MAY come, depending on how well you did your job.

The biggest part of Philadelphia marketing today is powerful content that draws your customers. Once you have that helpful content that will convert your visitors to customers, then you need to market it well and make sure that each page is laid out so that the various search engines–whose algorithms, areas of importance and rules–coincidentally, change nearly daily.

What We Do Differently

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Ask About Our “Jump Start Service.”
A one time on page seo service that adds content and meta tags and real value to your website. Designed for the small site or small business owner.Surprisingly affordable.


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Creative Content

Adding unique, original content add information and value to your website. Real, unique, innovative content draws your audience and and solves their problems Is your content an effective marketing tool? Ask us about our professional content writing team.

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Ethical SEO –The kind of Philadelphia SEO that works today is ethical and holistic SEO. Forbes says that SEO is of paramount importance. Do you agree? Better still, if you don’t, what are you doing instead and . .

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