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Why Your Help Video, Sales Video, Solicitation Video Doesn’t Cut It.

I recently received an email trying to sell me a product. It provided me with a link to a video that was about 9 minutes long. Two days ago, I received another email. This one pointed me toward a video selling me a marketing product. That video was more than 10 minutes long.

At the risk of seeming ungrateful for your product tips, I’d like to say that if you honestly want me to buy into your credibility as a marketer or you truly want me to buy your product, presenting me with an excruciatingly long video and forcing me… Continue reading

Marketing Tips-Defining Your Audience

When it comes to marketing a specific product or service, defining your audience is probably the most logical first step in the process.

Your USP or unique selling proposition is where you get started with that. What is your unique product, service or business and how can it benefit someone? What type of person will it best appeal to and how will they use it?

The answers to those questions will help you to define your audience better and give you a good look at who you need to target. That, in turn will give you a better grasp on… Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Using Websites and Applications

Way back in 2008, a very bold prediction was that more than half of the world would be using mobile marketing by 2014. 2014 came and went, as we all know. That prediction proved to be true. Mobile marketing is a force to be reckoned with in the online and in the marketing world. What do mobile marketing and mobile applications have to offer you?

Statistics tell us that the average mobile shopper not only spends more time on the mobile website, but they spend more money when they do purchase there. In fact, they spend an average of 25%… Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing Tips

Are you a small business owner? Do you think your company needs a bit more “oomph”? As long as you are open to ideas and possibilities, you can market your business with economical means. Marketing is very expensive, but you know you have to reach out to the consumers out there. It is not an area you should dismiss because you can’t afford it. Below are some unique, simple, and low-cost methods in building up your small business:

Here are some possible Guerrilla Marketing Tips

  1. Try to ask for e-mail addresses whenever you get the chance and send out newsletters… Continue reading

Favorite Websites of 2014

2014 was an interesting year for websites. So many things that were anathema a bare year before became “unique, innovative and wanted” for our own sites . A perfect example of this is the Parallax scrolling. It was much vaunted and then much maligned. Slammed for making the users of the iPhone 7 nauseated, it became one of the top design trends of the year. So many new trends, new colors, new texts,  and interesting new designs appeared to capture our imagination that it was difficult to examine them all.

More brands than ever before invested in vast amounts… Continue reading

Facebook Changes Make It More Difficult for Businesses

On the 14th of Nov. 2014, Facebook announced that it will be making changes to the way its algorithm is to evaluate the content of business Pages. Starting in January 2015, Facebook intends to reduce the amount of promotional content that people will see in their News Feeds.

Apparently, according to a survey they did with hundreds of thousands of people, certain types of content “feels too promotional”. Included are:

  • posts that are solely for encouraging people to install an app or buy a product,
  • posts that have no real content but push users to enter competitive promotions or sweepstakes,… Continue reading

The Security Risks of the Connected Home

Home Security Risks

Through the use of our smart phones, TV’s, computers, mobile devices, home appliances, lighting and music systems, more and more of our homes are linking all of this equipment to produce the “connected home”.

All this connection poses significant security threats because of software vulnerability and the lack of even basic security measures like encryption of the link to the Internet and administrator passwords that are strong and complex.

How Secure is Your Connected Home?

By conducting a security check of his own home, David Jacoby, a security analyst for Kaspersky Lab, found that many of the… Continue reading

How and Why to Optimize Your Press Release

With the vast number of choices SEO and PR professionals have for content, press releases are among the most popular for keyword optimization. Press releases provide your target audience with valuable information about newsworthy topics of your company. This could be for a new product launch, a company hosted event, executive staff changes or a general news release.

Press releases that are optimized are easier for people to find and get more PR than those that are not. The number one rule for creating a press release that people find valuable is to create one that… Continue reading

Patch Tuesday and Your Security

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, the incidence of DDOS attacks continues to rise fairly dramatically. According to the digital attack map, the simple fact is that we’ve all got to be a little more aware of what’s happening out there and take steps to be sure that we’re updating CMS, plugins and other things–up to and including patching our OS regularly.

Those are things you already know but how diligently are you doing that? Making sure that you update regularly isn’t just a good idea, it’s an imperative. That’s particularly true today.. On today’s agenda should… Continue reading

Panda Update Rolled Out.

Recently, without a great deal of noise or a fanfare of  announcements, Google quietly updated Panda to the 4.1 version. Everyone knew something was happening based on the flux and the site changes, but the announcement wasn’t there so we guessed for a day or two until it became a little clearer.

The Panda update appears to be a filter — designed to help Google to penalize websites that provide thin, short or poorly written content and to prevent them from ranking highly in search.

Google says that it’s going to allow smaller sites that are well written and… Continue reading

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