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Common Sense and Coffee: Robbis Blog

Why Your Help Video, Sales Video, Solicitation Video Doesn’t Cut It.

I recently received an email trying to sell me a product. It provided me with a link to a video that was about 9 minutes long. Two days ago, I received another email. This one pointed me toward a video selling me a marketing product. That video was more than 10 minutes long.

At the risk of seeming ungrateful for your product tips, I’d like to say that if you honestly want me to buy into your credibility as a marketer or you truly want me to buy your product, presenting me with an excruciatingly long video and forcing me… Continue reading

Why Good Content Is An Important Part Of Your Website

Technology is a wonderful thing.

The internet has placed a world of information at our fingertips and changed the face of advertising forever. In the case of advertising however, there are some downfalls to the ways that we can use this technology.

We have the means to fast forward past television ads, block internet ads, and skip over video ads, making the task of getting the word out about your product or service more difficult than ever.

Because of this, if you want to reach potential customers or clients it is imperative to provide well written, informative, and interesting content… Continue reading

Content Marketing in a Panda 4.0 Environment

content marketingThe Common Sense Behind Content

At the end of May last year, the SEO world was literally abuzz with the news that Google had launched a new iteration of their much vaunted Panda.

Google tweeted it and the world was listening–and repeating and reposting–each with their own version of what Panda 4.0 meant to all of us.

Just as every past algorithmic change and every Google heartbeat has done up until now, Panda 4.0 has engendered a broad range of self-proclaimed experts telling us the differences in the search engine optimization arena and the corresponding changes that should take place… Continue reading

Exact Match Domains-I Can’t use That–or Can I?

There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not exact match domains are viable for use.  Customers come to us all the time asking to change their domain or move their content to another domain. They believe that the issue is with the domain name and that it’s the reason for the penalty. In fact, that is probably not the case at all and moving your content as it stands to another domain is probably not the answer.

The key phrases you’ll hear from  some SEOs and SEMs is that “Google has stated that exact match domains… Continue reading

Is SEO Really Dead?

SEOWe’re all hearing that SEO, or search engine optimization is dead. The reality is that it isn’t dead, but much like any other job, task, or component of technology, has undergone a real metamorphosis. There is nothing that has remained the same in the technology field over the course of the last few years. For some reason, people expect that Google and other search engines need not update, need not change their methodology or their algorithms.

Consider your own computer. Are you using the same technology, the same amount of ram that you were using even two years ago? How… Continue reading

Holistic SEO What it Is and Why it Matters

Most people see SEO, or Search Engine optimization, as a way to get search traffic. The fact is that search traffic is important, but it is not the overall goal. The  traffic that you’re looking for is going to be used to help you to gain higher sales and a higher bottom line.

Any SEO agency can give you traffic. The question is, once they get to your site, is your traffic going to convert to sales? The answer is in your website.

SEO & marketing can take the form of building high quality links by interaction and building… Continue reading