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Customized Monthly Content Packs

swamp-land-1-1392023-mIs your site sinking into the quicksand?

Is your business doing as well as it could be?

We all know that original and regularly-updated content is crucial to search engine ranking and social media position.

In a recent poll, our clients confirmed their No.1 concern was the provision of new content. It’s difficult to make time to get that content and it’s difficult to do without it.We’ve all seen that our sites are not going to stay as fresh or as well-ranked as they are without regular, innovative, problem-solving content.

Many clients feel that the content they need is either too expensive or planning and ordering what they thought they needed is too time consuming.

What that means is that we have social media pages and blog pages that are sadly neglected.

We’ve got a solution. In combination with a team of professional writers whose work is absolutely guaranteed, Meridian Media Marketing is offering a monthly content package that includes blog posts, longer articles and posts for Facebook and for Twitter. Buy content all at one time, all in one place. Content that is designed to make your site look better and your social media perform better.

Customized Monthly Content Packs

Content is crucial – you know it and we know it. Our Content writers can offer you single articles or they can offer you monthly content packages that provide all you need to post weekly on two of the top social media networks.


(Being an active client of Meridian Media is not necessary in order to use this service).

Our new service –  Customized Monthly Content Packs

How does this new service work?

• Request a pack (listed below) of content customized to your needs. Give us your time frame and we’ll write your content to your specifications and get it back to you before your deadline.
• Give us five keywords and/or topic ideas. Or, our marketing department can help you ascertain the best local or global keywords for your site.
• Depending on the content pack you select (including the number of posts and at the appropriate time intervals) our team of English-speaking (US-based) writers will write your content for you.

Optionally, we can even post your Twitter and Facebook content.
• No strings and no hassles. The Customized Monthly Content Packs can be purchased on the basis of one or several months at a time. No contracts, no specific number of articles or packages to buy and no recurring billing.


Your social media and blog content will be written by a person competent in your niche, then zipped and emailed back to you within the time frame that you specify. ( under 48 hours requires rush handling and is an additional charge.)

Prices are lower than you’d have to pay if you ordered the content separately.

The copyright belongs to you and all content is guaranteed to be original, cleared by Copyscape and grammatically correct.

The Customized Monthly Content Packs Levels are:

1. “Keep it Fresh”

5 Facebook posts
10 Twitter tweets
6 x blog posts 350-400 words


2. “Rank it “

10 Facebook Posts
10 Twitter Tweets
10 x 350-400 word blog posts


3. “Jump Start My Site”

10 Facebook Posts
20 Twitter Posts
20 blog posts
1 x 650-750 word in-depth article

We aim to please so packs can be customized to a client’s specific needs or multiples of packs can be purchased. 


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• Your website URL
• Keywords that you’d like to capture and/or for which you’d like to rank higher
• Specific topics and the tone in which you’d like them to be written.( Casual, professional, conversational, etc)

Please fill out the form below and submit it.

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Please bear in mind there will not be a recurring debit to your account.
If you choose to continue or would like to enroll every month, please make that clear to us.

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