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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meridian Media Marketing

Meet The Team - Jeff RyderJeff Ryder – Sales & Marketing

Jeff has been in sales and customer service for over 20 years. He has done live Sales Training at numerous national network marketing events and has recently been a Sales Manager for several multi-billion dollar companies. Jeff has trained with some of the most prolific and successful marketing companies in the world today. In addition, he has owned and operated multiple successful online businesses and a “Brick and Mortar” retail store whose successes are noteworthy.

Responsible for the meteoric rise of multiple online companies and sites, Jeff is well known in the field of internet marketing. His skills at Google Places and Google Adwords management are unparalleled.

Jeff brings years of customer service and sales experience to the field of strategic media marketing. His strength is his adaptability and the out-of-the-box thinking that contributed greatly to the success of his previous endeavors. He takes marketing to a whole new level, deriving innovative and unique methods to brand and market businesses and products. These days, Jeff is making his internet marketing skills available to online businesses. Jeff excels at business and marketing planning as well as at laying out planned marketing strategies for businesses of all types.

Jeff is a member of the National Small Business Association and the Green Business Association. He lives in Runnemede, NJ with his wife Kathleen and his three children.

Meet The Team - Robbi DrakeRobbi Drake – Tech Evangelist

Robbi started in the computing industry when computers filled a room. She has worked with Disney/, HotRate, and Mahalo, editing and setting up search engines, as well as WBS in Menlo Park. Her writing appears on technical manuals for companies such as Oracle, Next BBS and multiple others dating from the mid 90s.

She is former customer service director for Charles Warner, the author of Invision Board and has been on multiple software teams through the years.

Robbi has numerous awards including the American Red Cross volunteer of the year award for the creation of a new fund raising SOP and the Titusville area Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Service Award.. Her technical content has been visible in the online community for more than 10 years on sites such as Wired Gorilla and several other tech forums and sites.

SEO copywriting, content marketing strategies, innovative content re-purposing, SEO, ORM, Word Press design, logical navigation, CMS development, project management and oversight and website security are her play areas.

Robbi designs, consults, teaches, develops and writes prolifically for multiple websites.

She is a member of the EFF, the ISOC, ARIN – (American Registry for Internet Numbers), a contributor to Wordress, a Firefox support team member, part of the development team for SEO Panel software, as well as being a member of the International High IQ Association, The West Virginia Writers Guild, the WordPress Users Group, the GIMP Users Group, the National Small Business Association and the Green Business Association. Robbi is a former webmaster for the Nebraska Sierra Club as well as being one the web development team for the Colorado ISOC.

Meet The Team - Howard DabrawskyHoward Dabrawsky – Video Marketing

Howard is a Certified Recording Engineer and Certified CompTIA A+ PC Field Tech. He has years of experience in Live Music and TV Production and is also a Certified IT Field Technician. He is fluent in several Web Scripting Languages including HTML, PHP, Java and Flash. as well as SEO.

Howard is highly skilled in problem-solving and his vision and experience are critical in ensuring the projects he delivers in the field of “Web Internet Strategy Marketing” are on time and profitable. WIth his partner, Howard was one of the founders of Over the Top IMS and has been in the SEO and marketing field for more than ten years.

Howard is known for his analytical skills. Finding and sifting through data and analyzing the return on the investment of time is his most impressive skill.

Formerly with ABC and CBS Television affiliates, his skills with cutting and editing video are unsurpassed, making him a valued asset to our customers. Howard has combined his skills in video with his expertise in data analysis to bring cutting edge video marketing to Meridian.

Meet The Team - Graeme IngramGraeme Ingram – SEO, Social Media & Marketing Manager

After building the largest computer repair and retail outlet in his area, Graeme decided it was time for a change so he closed the store and became a freelance specialist in website SEO, Social Media Marketing & Optimization, developing strategies and content to improve clients’ social media engagement thereby creating the opportunities for maximizing his clients’ success.

Having built websites for himself and for clients over the years (while running the store and before), Graeme has been involved in designing, developing and implementing websites, as well as SEO and marketing plans for some very successful companies in Wales and the UK.

Because he knows the consequences of stepping on Google’s toes, his SEO skills are thorough and ethical (no ‘black hat’ stuff!). He is well versed in:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • HTML5 – CSS
  • Content Management Systems – WordPress
  • Theme Building, Evaluation & Improvement

Since Graeme is our ‘go-to guy’ for social media. He keeps abreast of the continual changes in technology and the World Wide Web as well as the online marketing industry so that he can address problems and improve clients’ websites and get better results from their social media pages.

Currently, as well as doing SEO and content marketing strategy work for clients, Graeme custom-designs Facebook and Twitter pages and through creative social media marketing, he helps clients make the most of their online presence and opportunities.

When Graeme takes on a project, he uses his knowledge and wealth of experience to carefully evaluate current strengths and weaknesses, applying his problem-solving expertise to restructure social media pages and strategies to improve the potential for his clients getting the most cost-effective ‘bang for their buck’. By regularly updating his professional and personal skills, he stays inspired and motivated to give his best to his clients.

rebeccaRebecca Moore – Creative Content, SEO, Graphics

Graphics and Content Marketing – Rebecca Moore is well known for her graphic skills. No matter what you hand her to achieve, Rebecca will get it done.

A chef by trade, Rebecca has been in the business of graphic editing and design for more than 12 years and has contributed to some of the most well loved video games on the market today, including Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Rebecca is a skilled and a remarkably talented writer, offering contributions to more than 200 websites and marketing campaigns in 2013 alone.


Monika Nolte – SEO, Social Media & Marketing Specialist  

Having decided it was time for a change Monika, along with her long-time partner Graeme, closed the computer business they had built and run together for a number of years. During the time the business was operating, they gained quite a lot of experience building and working on websites, writing content and developing and implementing marketing strategies for clients so it seemed the natural next step to become freelance SEO specialists.

The experience Monika gained in running the computer store, as well as some of her other jobs, has given her a finely tuned sense of how to manage client accounts and projects. Her organization and admin skills are ‘scary’, as one client put it!

As many of us know, online marketing often includes training the client in how things actually work online, like if you do x, what happens to his/her website or social media pages. Having done lots of individual and group training on both computers and software, Monika knows how to gently coax people into gaining the information they have to have so they can make the decisions to move their projects along. Her counselling skills also come in handy for soothing clients who may have gotten the wrong end of the stick or haven’t gotten their exact expectations met.

The general business experience Monika has ensures we are doing everything right – from giving appropriate quotes to invoicing on time and everything in between. Every organization needs someone to keep them in line and Monika does that for Meridian Media Marketing.

She also works hard to improve clients’ social media engagement and the potential for clients getting the most cost-effective ‘bang for their buck’ by utilizing the best and latest techniques involved in social media marketing and optimisation as well as website SEO, thereby maximizing the opportunities for our clients’ success.