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It is a source of great pride to us that some of our customers took the time to put pen to paper (or at least email –to let us and our prospective customers know that we’ve done good work for them over the months and years since we started. Our customers are our very favorite people and we’ve built some wonderful relationships over time.

Meridian Media Marketing testimonials are the best kind. We take every word that our customers say very seriously and if they look good, we look good.

Thank you for your marketing testimonials for us. We appreciate you.

Meridian Marketing Testimonials

arrow_right_48You know it’s going to be the start of something special when you experience that ‘click’ moment with someone, but in the world of business that almost never happens. Building good relations between two companies is fine if you want to settle for mediocre, but building a great partnership you know will last a long time with open communication is key and that’s exactly what Robbi delivers.
It is this attention to detail and the many other qualities she brings to the table, that leaves the competition in a dust cloud of insignificance. We are honored to have her as our digital spirit guide through this online journey of success we are all striving for.

John Mosen

arrow_right_48Just a quick note to say what an outstanding group this is to deal with. From the moment I joined one year ago I have had nothing but excellent writing, outstanding marketing and seo that has done wonders for my business. I love working with Macbeth (Robbi Drake), Julian and Darkhorse. My site stays on page one nearly all of the time. I get top notch customer service and excellent value and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to know how it feels to be on page one. Jeff, Graeme, Robbi and Howard are the real thing.

Robert Taylor

I have been working with Robbi and Jeff for a few months now and they have been great! Not only has Robbi built sites for me they have also taught me a ton about seo and building sites. Since I started to work with Robbi and Jeff in just a few weeks my site has gone from not even showing up on Google searches to showing up for more than 50 key words, many on page one. To tell the truth, I would not recommend Robbi or Jeff to anyone because I like staying ahead. So if you are looking for SEO I hope you look somewhere else and pay more to get less!
Bart Lewis-Innovative Media

I have used Robbi to write articles for my own Web Marketing website as well as articles for some of my clients websites. She has a great knowledge of SEO and her writing skills are excellent.

I have worked with Robbi several times and have had very positive results and a positive experience as well. Jeff Knize Professional Internet Marketing Agency

I’ve worked with Robbi on a few projects now, and her work is always top-notch. She has a lot of knowledge on how to SEO and run a site, and how to get the kind of rankings that you want. But she’s also the kind of person who if she doesn’t know something, she’ll be up front about it and find someone who does know. I would recommend Robbi for just about anything SEO or traffic related, and I look forward to having a long-term working relationship with her. She finds a great balance between friendship and working relationship. But she is a very busy person, so if you want to hire her, you better get on it before her schedule is full! ; )
Lindsey Rainwater Owner, Rainwater D3velopment

arrow_right_48I have been working with Robbi Drake and the team – Jeff, Graeme and Howard, for going on a year. I have found them great and could not have a better group of people to work with. They go over and above any expectations I ever had and are always easily available when I need to contact them regarding anything pertaining to my websites. I would highly recommend them for SEO and computer work. They are an outstanding team.

James Pull. Premier Exteriors
arrow_right_48This message is intended for anyone seeking SEO/Web services from Robbi Drake and the Meridian team. You will be very happy with the services that they will provide for you. They are very thorough and the results that they produce are second to none. Hire them with confidence!

Paul Tresca.
Psychic Stars and DelValSEO

arrow_right_48My name is Gary Ronaldson, and I am the owner of as well as other geo domain names. Robbi has done great work on quite a few of them.
I have known Robbi for some years now and she is not only trustworthy and great to work with, but also delivers as promised, which is hard to come by nowadays. She has not only written all the content on – the UK territory website, as well as roughly 20 other domains of mine, but also doubled (actually almost tripled my traffic) purely via SEO, converting visits into good organic traffic.

Trust me, I’m not one for taking time out of my day to write letters for people. I highly recommend Robbi and the content and sites that you will get from her team.

Kind regards,

Gary Ronaldson

arrow_right_48Robbi is an amazing, detail oriented designer and writer whose excellent work and service made ME look good!!! From concept to final design, she was a delight to work with and her great ideas trumped mine time and time again, with excellent results! If you need a creative designer or a great writer, you will absolutely want to contact Robbi.

Fran Hansen-
Named one of Oprah’s Angels
Producer/Director of FABulous Bridal Affair at Hansen Bridal Group

arrow_right_48Robbie you guys you are AWESOME!
I can’t you how much you have changed my life. I thought all my sites were doomed and you miraculously brought them back to life.

You enjoy what you do and it shows in every web site you helped with. Thank you so much for all of your help. I look forward to more projects and will confidently recommend you to everyone I know.

David Rodgers

arrow_right_48The website built by this team is one I truly appreciate. After working unsuccessfully with a few different website design companies, I was hesitant to work with another.

I will say this is by far the cleanest and easiest website I have ever had. Thanks to the guys and gals who worked with me, the work is exceptional.

Joel M. Andre,
Author of Kill 4 Me

arrow_right_48I have to say, Robbi and the team have turned my online business around, from one I was propping up for almost 5 years with my personal finances and was ready to give up on, to one that is standing on its own two feet.

Robbi is passionate about the work she does, shows creative flair, technical expertise, cuts through the smoke and mirrors and has given me a simplified, low cost solution that I believe will see my online business grow and prosper, so I can share my passion for Astronomy with the world. I highly recommend her work.

Ian Maclean-The Science Guy
Presenter, Writer & Astronomer.
NightSkySecrets Pty Ltd.

arrow_right_48I’ve worked with Robbi (My Internet Mom) on countless Marketing Projects. Email Marketing Implementation, Social Media Marketing, Link Building (non-spammy of course), Content Creation, Press Releases etc.
Not only is she great at what she does, she is a great friend and mentor. I can tell that she truly cares about my business and will go to bat for me.
On top of all that she never ceases to amaze me and is always willing to go the extra mile. If I want something done right, Robbi is my go to, my easy button if you will. She is a ninja when it comes to WordPress and that’s no joke.

Colby Brister-
Professional SEO Firm available on request.

arrow_right_48These folks are not only good, ethical people, they truly care about their clients and the results they get.
That’s a big deal to me. I appreciate the transparency and reasonable pricing they offer, too. I could not ask for a better group of people to work with.

Thank you !
Scott Foster
Need an