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Website Design and Development

Website Design – Meridian Media Marketing

In a digital age, business owners cannot neglect their online presence. A professionally designed website with efficient, user friendly layouts, and high quality content should be a key aspect of any online strategy. Meridian is here to help, offering services in html web design, web content, and search engine optimization.

That’s why we will work with you to build the site that you want, with a lean code to text ratio. We know how to optimize HTML code to give you a lightweight website that’s highly functional, and also visually attractive. One of the ways that we can achieve this is in the use of CSS style sheets.

Website Design – Why CSS?

Almost anybody could make a basic website using simple interface tools like Adobe Dreamweaver, but when it comes to optimizing a site with as little code as possible, professional coding from the ground up and style sheets really come in to play. Whereas basic HTML would mean that every single line of code for a heading, to a paragraph of text, to a linking button would all be individually coded to maintain their appearance.

In fact, once you have a well designed site incorporating CSS, it’s very easy, even with little or no web development knowledge, to update and make changes to a website. Our developers will work with you to discover the best designs and methods that will suit your site, and we always work to future proof the site, putting efficiency in design above all else.

Our Focus Goes Further Than Just Excellent Web Design

Even the most beautiful and efficient website won’t cut it in today’s competitive online landscape. Successful site owners understand the need for quality content to back up their site designs. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your site is, whether you’re selling products or services, sharing information, or trying to build an online community, the content of your site is what will make you stand out in the World Wide Web, bringing you more visitors while gaining presence in today’s biggest search engines.

We understand that every project is different, and we treat each client professionally, and only offer solutions relevant to their needs. So find out today why more and more people from wide ranging lines of business are choosing NAA Content Strategy for their web development and content needs.

Meridian Media Marketing Loves Open Source Software

To that end, most of our website design and development is done using the open source software that you see available. We take pride in working with the offerings of the open source community to keep your costs as low as we can and to ensure that the open source development on which we all depend continues.

Our group has used PhP Nuke, Joomla, WordPress, Zen Cart, OsTicket, WpCart, Article Friendly, Wp Article Directory, PhpChat and Media Wiki to create a vast array of websites for our clients and friends.

WordPress is one of the most popular and most often used blog systems.

What many people are not aware of is that WordPress is also a very powerful Content Management System as well.

Using just a few simple setting changes your WordPress can be a CMS with a blog attached to it that will showcase your products, your services and your quality content.

If you are using WordPress as a blog the blog entries come up on the main page, new blog entries start at the top, older ones are pushed to the bottom. People can leave comments about each blog post that you write unless you would prefer them to be unable to do so.

In most instances WordPress is also  noteworthy when used as a CMS with a blog attachment. In so doing, you are offering a far better chance that your site will be seen and receive better traffic by virtue of the post feature.

WordPress is known to be the most popular free blogging software. Other software finds WordPress hard to beat because this is used for general personal blogging as well as being a very powerful content management system that can give you literally anything that you want in your website design

We have more than five years developing with WordPress. Our  knowledge of plugins and WordPress methods are solid and our security skills are excellent.  In addition, we have a vast array of experience with HTML sites,  ZenCart and a wide range of other web methods. Our database personnel is unequalled and our professional designs can be seen all over the internet.

WordPress Websites.

A Basic WordPress Website Design Includes:

Original theme design
Home page content
About us page
Security plugins
Privacy Policy and TOS pages
XML sitemap
Robots Txt


HTML Sites

Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps

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